Matched Betting

Matched Betting


With all the leading UK bookmakers offering new customers a free bet welcome bonus upon joining, there is a big potential to make a profit using a technique known as ‘Matched Betting’. This is effectively risk-free given that it is placed using the free bets offered by bookmakers. You can claim a wealth of great free bet offers by signing-up with any of our featured betting partners using the links provided. 


All you need to know about Matched Betting



What is Matched Betting?

Matched betting (also referred to as double betting, lay bet matching or back bet matching) is a method of taking advantage of the many free bet bonuses offered by bookmakers to new customers. Simply register with two or more bookmakers or betting exchanges who offer a sign-up free bet bonus, then place a bet with the first bookmaker. Secondly, place further bets with the other betting operators for different outcomes, therefore hedging all possible outcomes to effectively guarantee yourself a winner. Whatever happens, you retain the value of the free bet.

The vast majority of bookmakers require new users to make an initial deposit in order to release the free bet bonus. In this instance, you would need to wager on a particular result with the first bookmaker and then place a second bet on the opposite result at a betting exchange. You would need the latter in order to offset any potential loss in the first instance. There is potential for a small loss here but this is a ‘qualifying loss’ as it has enabled you to unlock the Free Bet.

Once you have released the free bet, you repeat the process with the only difference being that the free bet bonus is now being used. You are guaranteed profit here as this bet has been made without any cost to yourself.


Which bookmakers do you need to use for free bets?

All of our featured betting partners offer a free bet bonus of some sort once registered. Indeed all of the leading online bookmakers in the UK offer some incentive when signing-up and in the vast majority of cases, these come in the form of a free bet of a certain amount.

As already mentioned, you will need to make an initial deposit and place a first bet in order to release the free bet. The terms and types vary considerably between operators, however a typical example is the ‘Bet £5 Get £30’ bonus offered by leading bookmaker BetVictor. In this example, you will be required to make a deposit of at least £5 in order to release a welcome bonus of £30.

If you simply place an initial bet and then wager your free bet, there’s every chance that you will come away with nothing or you might even be out of pocket. This is where matched betting comes into play. Here you can unlock the free bet bonus and effectively protect any monies that you are using to wager with. Not only that but you can turn this free bet into profit. Each time you place a back bet (betting for something to happen) you also place a lay bet (betting for the same thing NOT to happen, effectively the opposing outcome). This way you can guarantee for yourself a profit on these free bets.


Is Matched Betting free?

Not in the real sense of the word as in order to release any bookmaker sign-up free bet offers, you will need to place an initial bet of your own using real cash and then bet on the opposing outcome (lay bet) with a betting exchange. This is generally the only way to release the free bets.


How much profit can you make with Matched Betting?

There is profit to be made from matched betting but this depends on a number of key factors, most notably:


  • The amount you are willing to stake
  • The amount of time you spend
  • The free bet offers from the bookmakers
  • The terms and conditions of these free bet offers
  • The lay odds available from betting exchanges
  • Your skills and knowledge of matched betting


There are only a limited number of sign-up free bets you can take advantage of (remember that once you have taken advantage of a bookmaker sign-up free bet, you cannot get another with the same operator). Nevertheless most betting operators offer free bets to existing customers on a regular basis and on that basis, there is potential to make some decent winnings exclusively from matched betting using these bonuses.



Is Matched Betting legal?

Yes, matched betting is 100% legal in the UK although in order to register and bet with a bookmaker you will need to be aged 18 or over. You will also be required to show proof of age. To be fair, bookmakers aren’t big fans of matched betting as it effectively means that they aren’t making money from you, however it is a completely legitimate way to use the free bet bonuses which are given out.

Indeed bookmakers are fully aware that many punters use their free bets for matched betting but they are more than happy to continue with the sign-up offers and are taking no steps to stamp it out.


Is Matched Betting easy?

Well it certainly isn’t difficult. The concept itself is pretty straightforward but you do need to know what you are doing. Most importantly perhaps, you need to be 100% aware of all the terms and conditions imposed by each bookmaker that you are using with reference to their free bet sign-up offers. While many of the free bet bonuses seem very similar, the terms and conditions/wagering requirements may differ greatly and these will have a big impact on your matched betting.


Is there a big risk with Match Betting?

If done properly, there is no risk with matched betting. Mathematically you are guaranteed a profitable return, however like anything else it is open to human error. Not only that but there is potential for odds to drift or shorten in the time in takes between placing your back bet and lay bet. This could mean that the bet isn’t properly matched. Nevertheless if done properly and carefully, there is no sound reason why you can’t profit from this venture.

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